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In order to make using sitlefie easier, we have collected our most frequently asked questions here:


Where can I get my Sitelife-account?
In order to get an account, please contact us directly.

Is it possible for me to share my account with my coworkers?
We do not recommend sharing your account, since your entries should be traceable to you. Additional accounts can be created free of charge.

Which browsers are supported by Sitelfe?
We support Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Chrome will provide the best experience.


What do I need in order to upload my Revit-model onto sitelife?
To upload your Revit-files, you need an up-to-date Revit distribution and our Revit-addin. A manual on how to use the addin can be found here.

Why can't I see some buttons?
If you can't see a button other users see, your account doesn't have the same rights as theirs. User rights influence which buttons are shown in Sitelife.

Which files am I able to upload onto Sitelife
Sitelife currently supports three kinds of files, namely PDF-, IFC- and Revit-files. Information on them can be found here.

Am I able to provide my colleagues with my project as a 3D-viewer only?
We provide viewer-accounts. A viewer is able to see your project but is not able to edit it.

Where am I able to report bugs or give feedback?
In the upper right coner of your Sitelife-page you can see a button with "Feedback" written on it.

Where can I find the Sitelife-addin?
You are able to download the addin here.

Construction Report#

Are there different layouts for my day-information?
Yes we provide multiple layouts for attendance and weather entries. How they look and how to activate them is described here.

How am I able to copy my data from a past workday to the present one?
In order to copy your information between different day, you need to click o the three points in the upper right corner of the day-information panel. Now you can choose which day you want to copy.

Where can I see the properties of my elements?
Select a element in your viewer and navigate to the tab "Properties" located in the panel on the right side of the screen. More on this is explained here.

Is it possible for me to search for unfinished elements?
It is possible to reverse a filter. Filter for the action in question and reverse your filter.

Am I able to search my projects for keywords?
The Construction Report has an integrated searchbar.

I want to know how many m3 of concrete my second floor needs. How can I get this information? Filter by floor and select all elements. Open the properties window. Here you can see the required information.


What Hardware do I require to properly use the VR-functions?
You require a HTC Vive and a suitable PC.