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Choosing a Version#

In order to explore your virtual project, you must first select the desired version. All uploaded versions are available to you in here. Next to the name and the preview image, you will see how many VR views already exist for the version.

Select the desired version by clicking on it. The available VR views are then listed on the right.


To start VR from a view, select the desired view and prepare it for VR. To do this, click on "Add View" and select the desired view from the list of available view options.

Adding a new view and preparing it for VR display takes a few minutes. While waiting, an icon below the file name shows the processing status. Click the refresh icon next to the "Start VR" button for an updated progress status. A green tick will indicate when processing is complete. You can now start your VR tour using the "Start VR" button.

Should the update fail, repeat the process by clicking on the loop symbol next to the status.